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YEAR : 2008 AUDIENCE : +12

Iliria is a show combining theater, music, movement and acrobatics, based on Shakespeare´s play ”Twelfth Night, or What You Will”. It is for adults and those age 12 and up. The text fuses with dance, mime, and aerial acrobatics silks, creating a visual and poetic backdrop upon which the comedy of the plot is developed. The presence of the music is key in accompanying the dynamic actions of the performers.

iliria deals with male and female identity, questioning who we are and who we appear to be. The characters loose themselves in multiple personality changes which cause them to doubt of their own identity. Iliria speaks of the ease with which we fall in and out of love.
On the island of Iliria duke Orsino is dying of love for Olivia, but despite all the romantic portuguese songs he dedicates to her, his love is not returned. At the same time, Violeta and Sebastián, twin brothers, land shipwrecked on shore. So as to survive in a foreign land Violeta is forced to disguise herself as a man with her brothers clothes. But Sebastián also survived, and each without knowing of the others happy landing they both end up in the middle of most amusing love entangle.


artistic team


Theatre and Dance 


Fabiana Gastaldello, Fredi Muíño, Gonçalo Guerreiro, María Torres
Fabiana Gastaldello and Gonçalo Guerreiro

Fredi Muiño,Gonçalo Guerreiro, María Torres, Iria Pinheiro

Stage design
Elefante Elegante

María Chenut 
Elefante Elegante

Lighting design
Germán Gundín

Germán Gundín