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O Aviador

YEAR : 2012 AUDIENCE : +3

O Aviador is a storytelling show for children age 3 and older. A comical, interactive and poetic universe is created as the narrative is accompanied by the manipulation of objects, Chinese shadows, a hand puppet, music, and the adaptability and plasticity of the set.
It is the story of the meeting between an aviator and an owl, who like all owls prefers the night to the day. When darkness falls he feels better than ever. He flies around from one place to the next, bats his wings and whistles like the wind. But at sunrise he is filled with sadness. Sitting on a branch he thinks of how wonderful it would be if the night never ended. Why must the sun come up? Why must the calm and the darkness disappear and give way to the day? The aviator will do all he can to help the owl, but will it be possible to live in a world without sun?

O Aviador

artistic team


María Torres and Gonçalo Guerreiro

María Torres and Gonçalo Guerreiro

Gonçalo Guerreiro

Costumes and props
María Chenut 

Elefante Elegante

Dani Pais

Luís Pernas