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O Rueiro das liortas

YEAR : 2016 AUDIENCE : + 8

“Rueiro das liortas” (Neighbourhood of Disputes) is a comedy inspired in popular theatre that delves into romantic relationships and the difficulties in maintaining the love alive against time, routine and the obstacles of life.

The dynamics of the stage elements allow the representation of different sets. Together with the text, gestures and live music form the ingredients of this initiatory comedy. On stage an actor and an actress represent multiple characters together with a boy and a girl actors who perform and assert their own truth.

The show orbits around the empowerment of women. It gives us a vision of a reality where to talk about others and interfere in their lives is easier and more fun than minding our own business.

“Rueiro das liortas” (Neighbourhood of Disputes) is loosely inspired by “The shoemaker´s prodigious wife” by the playwriter F. G. Lorca.

In a beautiful corner of a faraway kingdom lived a young man and a young woman. She was beautiful and impulsive like a cherry tree in bloom. He had the bearing, the elegance and the scent of an orange tree. One spring evening, their fates crossed. Time froze, out of control passion, brimming heart… a situation their families did not agree with. Just like Romeo and Juliet, they faced their misfortune and got married in secret.

Time passed and routine made that burning love fade away. She shed the rose petals she wore for sharp thorns. Nothing pleased her, nor did she change anything.

Disputes with her mother-in-law, disputes with her neighbours, disputes with her clients, even with people passing by, everything ended with an argument.

Day after day heated discussions and loud fights that transformed a quiet neighbourhood into a neighbourhood of disputes…

O Rueiro das liortas

artistic team

Author and director María Torres and Gonçalo Guerreiro

Performers María Torres, Gonçalo Guerreiro, Luana Torres Guerreiro and Xairo Torres Guerreiro

Text María Torres

Costumes and set design María Torres and Gonçalo Guerreiro

Music Gonçalo Guerreiro and Xairo Torres Guerreiro

Light design Dani Pais

Graphic design Alba Farto

Distribution Agustín Bolaños