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Danza da Choiva

YEAR : 2016 AUDIENCE : 3-8

What would happen if it suddenly stops raining? Not during a month, a summer or a year but forever. This is the question that is behind RAIN DANCE, a silent show where the theatre of gesture, dance, object manipulation and puppets come together.

RAIN DANCE deals with a serious topic through poetic and visual staging.

Its comic, plastic and oneiric effects warn and entertain families and children from age 3.

It rains. Rain water is collected in metal buckets spread throughout the place. A cockcrow is heard. Two characters show up. They collect vegetables from the garden and plant cereals.

They scare away a flock of birds that try to eat the seeds they have just planted and put a scarecrow in the garden to protect the crops. When watering it, they realize they have no water. They wait for the rain to come, but it does not rain…

Times goes on and it does not rain. The place is now dry and deserted…

They perform a rain dance hoping to make it rain... Will it rain?

Danza da Choiva

artistic team

Authorship, Playwriting, Set Design and Direction: María Torres and Gonçalo Guerreiro

Performance: María Torres and Gonçalo Guerreiro

Lightning Design: Dani Pais

Choreography: Ánxela Blanco

Music: Mano Panforreteiro

Costume Design: Marcia Edleditsch