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YEAR : 2009 AUDIENCE : +12

The action takes place during the celebration of a wedding. The affected and hypocritical attitude of the bride, groom, and their guests rapidly changes to feelings of envy, jealousy and lust on a backdrop of pseudo-ideal beauty.
A universal and sensitive show that investigates the contemporary representation of the social figure. The visual poetry is fruit of the fusion of theater and dance, video and fine arts.

In, being in, doing the in thing, what´s fashionable. IN springs from the ambivalence between being and appearing. What is inside is our own, and what is outside is the aspect we can manipulate, dress-up or change. Here are confronted the inside and the appearance. Are we what we appear to be? 

The dramatic structure of the show was created based on two fundamental elements: Bertold Brecht´s play “A Respectable Wedding”  and fairy tales such as “Cinderela”, “Snowwhite”, ”The frog prince” by Grimm, “The red shoes” and “The Little Match-Seller” by Hans Christian Andersen.


artistic team

Theatre, Dance and Video

María Torres and Gonçalo Guerreiro

María Torres

Gonçalo Guerreiro

Alfredo Muíño, Ángela Blanco, Gonçalo Guerreiro, María Torres, Nuria Sotelo  
Stage design:
Gonçalo Guerreiro

Costumes and props:  
María Chenut

Elefante Elegante

Lighting design:  
Octavio Mas
Germán Gundín

María Torres and Monica Varela

Video projections:
Masako Hattori