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O Peixiño de Mariña

YEAR : 2015 AUDIENCE : 0-3

Mariña´s Little Fish” was created within the Language Revitalization Program called “Os Axóuxeres 2015” promoted by the General Secretariat for Language Policy of the Galician Government.

“Mariña´s Litte Fish” encourages the discovery of the performing arts, video mapping projections, live music, first games, riddles and songs by babies up to age 3

Mariña is a little girl whose name relates to water. She is the main character of this story. One beach day she decides the little fish that she caught with her hand net will be the best roommate in the world.

Her friend Muriel will persuade her to free the little fish. Mariña, smart and brave, understands that her faithful friend is true, since the sea gives the little fish all that it needs to live and be happy. This is how the little fish´s adventure back to the sea begins. But the sea also hides difficulties for the animals that live there every day… and for Mariña´s little fish things will not be much different.

O Peixiño de Mariña

artistic team

Authorship, Playwriting and Direction: María Torres and Gonçalo Guerreiro

Performance: María Torres and Gonçalo Guerreiro

Musical Composition: Mano Panforreteiro

Musical Performance: Mano Panforreteiro and Dani Pais

Lightning Design and video: Dani Pais

Set Design: Carolo Losada Soto

Costume Design: Marcia Edleditsc