Gonçalo Guerreiro

Elefante Elegante

Elefante Elegante was born from the desire to develop a visual, poetic and universal language that does not depend exclusively on the text and that allows the exploration of social and existential themes. Its creations arise from the dialogue of physical theatre with dance, music and visual arts.

Elefante Elegante's shows are based on the relationship between the body and space and reflect a rigorous investigation of gestures, movements and images. The theatrical game is based on the work of the performers and their constant interaction with the scenographic elements. The narrative of the physical actions varies between the abstraction of the danced movement and the construction of the theatrical plot. The body contains in itself all the secrets and revelations of a staging that is based on the structure of the scenic device and on the pictorial dynamics of the arrangement of the sound and literary space.

The company was founded by María Torres and Gonçalo Guerreiro in 2000 and lived the first years in Belgium until settling in Galicia in 2007. The group began as an experimental project involving actresses and actors from different European countries. On stage, each performer spoke their native language. This has been the driving force to initiate a constant practice around physical play.

Elefante Elegante is currently based in the town of Culleredo, in the province of A Coruña, where it is a resident company. Its shows have been honored with several María Casares Theatre awards since 2013.


Dferia – San Sebastián

MADferia – Madrid

Festival Allequino d‘Oro – Festival de Teatro de Europa, Mántova – Italy

Festival i! Águeda – Portugal

MIT – Mostra Internacional de Teatro de Ribadavia

Licht Blicke Festival, Nuremberg – Germany

Festival É-Aqui-in-Ócio, Póvoa de Varzim – Portugal

Domingos no Principal – Pontevedra

Festival Internacional de Teatro de Badajoz

Galicia Escena Pro – Santiago de Compostela

Festival Internacional de Máscaras e Comediantes de Lisboa – Portugal

FITO – Festival Internacional de Teatro de Ourense

Festival Internacional de Teatro Cómico da Maia – Portugal

FIET – Feria de Teatro Infantil y Juvenil de las Islas Baleares

CEN – Camino Escena Norte in Gijón, Santander and Eibar

Novos Ventos – Festival de Teatro Comunitário, Leiria  – Portugal

MOTI – Mostra de Teatro Infantil de Ourense

Feria Mediterrânica de Tavira – Portugal

Lua Cheia Festival, Art in the Alley – Vila Real – Portugal

Iberian Theatre Fair, Fundão – Portugal

International Arts Showcase Sementes – Almada – Portugal

Street Theatre Festival Festiteatro – Esposende – Portugal

Teatralia Festival – Madrid

Festival Internacional de Teatro de Manizales – Manizales (Colombia) – Sponsored by Xunta de Galicia

Festival Internacional de Teatro e Música COMFAMA San Ignacio – Medellín (Colombia) – Sponsored by Xunta de Galicia

Gonçalo Guerreiro


GAËTAN D'AGOSTINO actor, JULIE ANTOINE actress, MARC PUJOL actor, TOMÁS AGUT actor, PASCAL POINTET actor, ANAÏS DELMAS actress, CAROLINE GIRAUD actress, FRANZISCA TSCHANNEN actress, GERMÁN GUNDÍN lighting design, TABO AYALA puppets, FABIANA GASTALDELLO dancer, DIANA SIEIRA production and distribution, BEATRIZ RODRIGUEZ graphic design, ALFREDO PÉREZ MUÍÑO actor, PABLO SÁNCHEZ director of actors and actor, IAGO POUSA stage technician, ALEX FENTE musician, MÓNICA VARELA actress, LUCÍA SÁ actress, FRAN LAREU actor, DANI MELENDREZ musician, AFONSO CASTRO lighting design, SERXIO NUÑEZ musician, DAVID LOIRA dancer, IVÁN MARCOS actor, INACIO VILARIÑO actor, MARÍA CHENUT costume design, NURIA SOTELO dancer, MASAKO HATTORI video, ANXELA BLANCO dancer, OCTAVIO MAS lighting design, MANO PANFORRETEIRO musical composition, DANI PAIS lighting design, video, music and graphic design, IRIA PINHEIRO actress, production, distribution and music, MARCIA EDLEDITSCH costume design, VICTORIA PÉREZ actress, LUCÍA GARCÍA plastic artist, JAVIER PÉREZ PIÑÓN stage technician, MARTA ALONSO TEJADA dancer, AGUSTÍN BOLAÑOS actor, production and distribution, SUSO ALONSO musician, MÓNICA DE NUT musician, PABLO REBOLEIRO actor, CARLOS SUÁREZ musician, KUKAS puppets, ALBA FERNÁNDEZ COTELO dancer, ANAHÍ TARABURELLI props, ANTONIO ROMERO musician, ROSALÍA VAZQUEZ musician, ALBA FARTO graphic design, BEATRIZ CLARA costume design, IAGO BLANCO musician, CARLOS DIZ anthropological advice, JUANMA ONS musician, RICHI CASÁS musician, CAROLO LOSADA scenographic structures, KIBITKA musicians, MANUEL ARES musician, NACHO MARTÍN lighting, musician and actor, GEORGY OGANESIAN musical direction and musician, ALBERTO GRELA musician, MIGUEL PAZ musical composition and musician, CHECHU ALONSO lighting technician, CAROL DÍGUELE artistic production, costumes, props and graphic design, DIEGO VALEIRAS costume design, MANUEL FONTE musical composition and stage technician, TIAGO ALVES COSTA text, LILIAN PORTELA production and distribution, ÁNGEL SOUSA lighting technician, BORJA GOROZARRI scene carpentry, MARÍA LADO poet, JULIA LAPORT dancer, SOFÍA ESPIÑEIRA actress, MARIO RODRIGUEZ stage technician and actor, SABELA DOMÍNGUEZ choreographer, ANTÍA FERRER masksRAQUEL CRESPO actress NANDO RIVAS actor LEO BERNUY set carpenter LEO HEROSA set carpenter XURXO PRIETO production and distribution LAURA DUARTE production and communication