Alma de Tigre

ALMA DE TIGRE (TIGER´S SOUL) is a daydream revealed from the true story of two sisters and a brother. Memory, affections, an inheritance and the future embody an original creation that moves between the visual arts, dance and silent film. The absurdity, the ridiculousness and the powerful comic effect of the situations created hide the tragic undercurrent that human reality carries within itself.

Through the relationship between music, movement and the interaction with the elements of the scenery, all the secrets of a staging that is based on the visual dynamics of theatrical narrative are revealed. The show takes the form of a living painting inspired by artists as diverse as Gustav Klimt, Sandro Botticelli and Caravaggio.

ALMA DE TIGRE creates repeated moments of fantasy and illusion counterbalanced by its grotesque drift, starting from the principle that life is a dream that can easily turn into a nightmare.

For that reason the whole show is conceived from a symbolic and dreamlike logic. Quoting Amy Dempsey (1963) “Symbolists were the first artists to declare that the true purpose of art was the inner world of mood and emotions, rather than the objective world of external appearances. To do this, they used the symbol as a vehicle for expressing their emotions, which was reflected in images with a strong visual impact, in which dreams and fantasy worlds predominate.”

Concept, Stage Design and Direction Gonçalo Guerreiro Artistic Direction María Torres and Gonçalo Guerreiro Performers Julia Laport, María Torres, Pablo Sánchez and Mario Rodríguez Artistic Production and Graphic Design Carolina Díguele Lighting Design Nacho Martín Costumes Diego Valeiras Sound Design Manuel Fonte Coreography Sabela Domínguez, Gonçalo Guerreiro e Julia Laport