Aiming to further the Company’s experimentation with different visual languages, this piece combines actors and video art. The music connects the action on stage with the action in the video projections, creating a magical, comical and mysterious universe.

AURORA is the story of the encounter between an Aviator and the Queen of the White Owls who, as all Owls do, prefers the night to the day. With the darkening of the sky at dusk she feels at her best. She flies from one place to another, bats her wings and whistles like the wind. But at Sunrise she is filled with sadness. The Sun burns her skin and blinds her eyes. The Aviator will try everything he can to help the Queen of the White Owls, but will it be possible to live in a world without sun?

Author María Torres and Gonçalo Guerreiro Director María Torres and Gonçalo Guerreiro Lighting and Video Design Dani Pais Movement Director  Alfredo Muíño Actors María Torres and Gonçalo Guerreiro Music Mano Panforreteiro Costumes Marcia Edleditsch Mask María Torres Graphic Design Dani Pais