Calçada da Memoria

CALÇADA DA MEMORIA is an installation-performance about a house. The house works as an invocation of the interior and the exterior, of intimate and public spaces. Refuge or prison, the house is our first universe. It originates as a shelter, to lend structure and organize the chaos, thus allowing for communication. Ones first house. Being without a house. Getting out of the house. The house as a country, culture, or family.

CALÇADA DA MEMORIA evokes a house through its different rooms, its furniture, its light, its smell and its sound. The actors, the audience and the set share the same space. A house that intends to stimulate the senses through the interaction between spaces, objects, and inhabitants. Audience become visitors, guests become inhabitants. Come and feel at home!

By Lucía García, María Torres and Gonçalo Guerreiro.