Crónicas do Paraíso


The funeral of Madame de Quelven frames a travelling universe populated by bandits, weapons, sex, money and blood. To the beat of the blues, we experience a world where crime pays and money buys everything, even death itself. In the “Chronicles of Paradise” nobody dies, perhaps because they are already dead or because the real criminal, the powerful and socially envied, remains eternally alive. The dramaturgy of the show uses some of the characters from Álvaro Cunqueiro’s original text “As crónicas do Sochantre” but is based fundamentally on the artistic work of the performers and their constant interaction with the scenographic elements to reveal a plot in which the image takes centre stage. The staging is thus based on the visual and narrative character of the physical actions themselves. The text, the manipulation of objects, the recorded music and the music performed live create an organic whole. All this realized in harmony with the evolution of the scenery and complex lighting.

Production Sarabela Teatro Creation and Direction Gonçalo Guerreiro Adaptation Fernando Dacosta and Gonçalo Guerreiro Cast Fina Calleja, Sabela Gago, Fernando Dacosta, Fran Lareu and Elena Seijo Scene Design Gonçalo Guerreiro Scenographic Structure Carolo Losada Lighting Design Baltasar Patiño Costume Design Tegra Vázquez Carpentier and Lele Martínez Make-up and Characterization Sarabela Teatro Graphic Design Expresiva Sound Design Vadim Yukhnevich Photography Ovidio Aldegunde