“I feel like falling upwards to the top of an unknown place without the need of maps to climb mountains, or directions to open and close doors of imaginary castles! It is like playing a new game… and jumping to the first landscape!”

Two very different people live in harmony inside a mysterious CUBE. She is curious and determined. He is tender and vulnerable. They play, have fun and laugh. But one day she decides to go further, she wants to travel, searching for new questions and discover the entire world. He is happy with his answers, he feels comfortable, safe and doesn’t want anything more than to swing eternally in the CUBE. They have always managed to agree, but this time it is more complicated. What solution will they be able to find?

The show deals with friendship, separation, need for knowledge and the adventure of growing up in equality, breaking gender archetypes.

The CUBE structure’s sides are 2 metres long and each side can be opened, closed, built and deconstructed. The 8m3 geometric figure is also incredibly solid and versatile supporting the performers bodies and magically rising from the floor rotating around the stage like a huge wooden toy.

The images suggested by the text, the music and the agility of the physical performance creates a comic and poetic universe that travels from fantasy to the birth of human curiosity.

Concept Gonçalo Guerreiro Text Tiago Alves Costa Artistic Direction María Torres and Gonçalo Guerreiro Actors María Torres and Gonçalo Guerreiro Actors Direction Pablo Sánchez Stage Design Gonçalo Guerreiro and Carolo Losada Music Manuel Fonte and Miguel Paz Costumes, Props and Graphic Design Carolina Díguele Lighting Design Nacho Martín