Danza da choiva


“Best Children’s Show” Maria Casares Theatre Awards 2017

What would happen if it suddenly stopped raining? Not for a month, a summer or even a year, but forever? This is the question posed in DANZA DA CHOIVA  (Dance of the rain). This non-verbal show relies on a superb mix of physical theatre, dance, object manipulation and puppets. The show’s theme is a serious one but through a poetic visual staging, gentle humour and dreamlike theatrical effects the audience is warmed and amused at the same time.

It’s raining. Rainwater is collected in metal containers scattered around the space. We hear a rooster crowing. Two characters arrive. They go about their daily chores collecting vegetables from the garden and sowing seeds. They scare a flock of birds that try to eat the seeds. They build a scarecrow in the orchard to protect their crop. One day when watering their garden they find that they have no water left. So they wait for it to rain… but it doesn’t rain… the seasons pass… and it still doesn’t rain. The place is now dry and deserted. They decide to dance a “Rain Dance” in the hope of making it rain. Will it work?

Concept, Stage Design, Direction and Actors María Torres and Gonçalo Guerreiro Lighting Design Dani Pais Choreographer Ánxela Blanco Original Music Mano Panforreteiro Costumes Marcia Edleditsch Graphic Design Dani Pais