+ 3 years old

DoNoDoNaDa is a show created for children and families. It is a parable without words where gestures and movements do not need text to be understood. The music is of fundamental importance because it constantly accompanies the actions, emphasizes the intentions and modulates the emotions.

There are people who have everything and others who have nothing.

It is clear that this is purely a matter of chance.

Those who have everything could have been born with nothing and those who have been born with nothing born with everything.

Let’s see if we understand each other. The world is constantly revolving and we are all upside down. If life goes by so quickly, why do people spend their time wanting to have so much when in the end they need so little?

Donodonada reveals with humour and irony that human beings waste too much time struggling to succeed and fighting to win that we completely forget what´s most important in life….to PLAY!

Production Companhia Certa Creation and Direction Gonçalo Guerreiro Cast Eduardo Faria, Joana Luna and Joana Soares Music Paulo Lemos Scenery Gonçalo Guerreiro Scenery Assistant Hugo Carvalho Costumes Gonçalo Guerreiro and Joana Soares Tailor Adélia Agra Lighting Design Gonçalo Guerreiro and José Raposo Photography José Carlos Marques