¨Best Stage Design¨ María Casares Theatre Awards 2015

KASSA is a visual theatre performance inspired by Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis”, based on the principles of sculpture. The set structure, the actors, the dancers and the video projections constitute a living organism in constant movement and transformation that transmits through sounds, objects, colours, shapes, lights and texts.

Techniques such as video-mapping, the ability to rotate the scenery and the use of “live cinema” give KASSA a special dynamic that involves the audience in the action.

The theme reflected in KASSA is that of the home. At the beginning of the action, society is seductive, prosperous and optimistic. The house, a gift wrapped in colourful paper, represents the realization of dreams, togetherness and family happiness. But one day the collective economic resources are exhausted and the family can no longer afford the benefits of their dream. What surprises will the future hold for them?

Concept and Direction María Torres and Gonçalo Guerreiro Performers Alfredo Muíño/Pablo Reboleiro, Gonçalo Guerreiro, María Torres, Marta Alonso, Javier Pérez Movement Alfredo Muíño Stage Design Carolo Losada Soto Music  Mano Panforreteiro, Mónica de Nut, Suso Alonso, Iria Pinheiro, Juanma Ons, Manuel Ares, Kibitka, Carlos Suárez, Dani Pais, Gonçalo Guerreiro Choreography Ánxela Blanco Costumes Marcia Edletitsch Lighting Design and Video Projections Dani Pais Interior Design Susana Castro.