+ 5 years old

KYOKI is a wordless show for children and families that deals with the themes of forgetfulness, old age, and loneliness. KYOKI means ‘dementia’ in Japanese and refers to an alteration in the ability to remember, think, or make decisions. It’s true that it usually appears in elderly people, but… Who hasn’t forgotten where they put the cookie jar? Or absentmindedly put their sweater on inside out?

KYOKI offers a knowing, reflective, and sensitive look at the experiences of both those who need care and the caregivers themselves. The family, medical institutions, and social institutions are present in the three characters portrayed by the lead actress: the grandmother, her daughter, and the doctor.

Through a gestural language based on object manipulation and constant interaction with the stage setup, the show creates a comedic and poetic universe that travels from realism to the hyperbole of daily life.

The theatrical language is based on the plasticity of the performer’s body and on a rigorous harmony of gestures with the original instrumental music, defining a dramaturgical sequence in which the image takes the protagonism.

Concept María Torres and Gonçalo Guerreiro Direction and Set design  Gonçalo Guerreiro  Performers María Torres and Mario Rodríguez Costumes and Props  Carolina Díguele Music Manuel Fonte Lighting Deign Nacho Martín Art production and Graphic Design  Carolina Díguele Photography  Vanessa Rábade