“Best Show for Children” María Casares Theatre Awards 2019

Surprise! And one more! And many more! A mountain of gifts! Big, small, light, heavy, blue, green, orange, square and round! Gifts of all shapes and sizes! The over excited little ones don’t know what to do with so many toys. But the older ones, tied by the spiral of time with commitments and obligations, are not able to make a dent in their busy schedule to share the fantasy and fun with the younger ones.

PATAPATÚM is our reflection on time, parenting and how we fill the voids of our absences. PATAPATÚM is a non-verbal visual theatre show for children and families. With a soundtrack inspired by Dixieland music, the mask and physical play foster a comic universe that travels from realism to the hyperbole of our daily lives.

Created and directed by María Torres and Gonçalo Guerreiro Actors Director Pablo Sánchez Actors Gonçalo Guerreiro, Lucía Sá and María Torres Masks María Torres Stage Design Gonçalo Guerreiro Costumes Beatriz Clara Music Gueorgui Oganesian, Alberto Grela and Miguel Paz Musical Collaboration Vanessa Rivas Lighting Design Nacho Martín Graphic Design Alba Farto