REVOLUTION (provisional title) is the definitive title of a bold co-production that brings together four creative Portuguese companies. The co-production calls upon the talents of 3 Theatre companies and 1 musical company.

On stage a cast of 16 artists come together to reflect and work on the state of the contemporary democratic system.

Based on the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Portuguese revolution of 25 April 1974, we investigated and explored a “show” or better yet a “celebration” that could reflect on the need to change the practice of current democracies. Democracies that in an accelerated world regulated by political cycles detached from structural reforms inhibit the idea of the future.

What revolutions can we dream of for a time of post-pandemic, post-war and global challenges and struggles?

Co-production Asta, Baal17, d'Orfeu AC, O Teatrão Direction, Dramaturgy and Set design  Gonçalo Guerreiro Texts Tiago Alves Costa Musical Composition Artur Fernandes Costumes Filipa Malva Props and Artistic Production Fabrice Ziegler Lighting Design Pedro Fonseca Cast Beatriz Mendes, Carmo Povoas Teixeira, Carolina Carvalhais, David Meco, Edmilson Gomes, Eva Tiago, João Gomes, Marco Ferreira, Mónica Tavares, Patrícia Lestre, Rodrigo Neves, Rui Ramos, Sandra Serra, Sergio Novo, Sónia Sobral and Teosson Chau Photographs Fabrice Ziegler and Ana Flores