TROPICAL is a sensitive, evocative and universal show that immerses itself into the world of travel and its vast wealth of nuances and dimensions.

A ship inhabited by travellers with intertwined destinies. Tourists, migrants, musicians and refugees guarded by a watchful and diligent crew. They sail north to south on a glamorous and seductive cruise and sail from south to north escaping from hunger and the debris of death.

From an ironic and absurd outlook, TROPICAL reflects situations happening not too far from our calm and quiet corner. On land, scenes of wars and walls. At sea, endless stories, desires and dreams intersect with one another. In rhythm with the waves, this ship invites us on board to sail through the present with a new perspective.

Through visual language based on images, movement, music and dance, TROPICAL is the search of the beauty in the journey from a Europe shipwrecked in the Mediterranean Sea.

Concept and Direction María Torres and Gonçalo Guerreiro Performers Ánxela Blanco, Alfredo Muíño, Gonçalo Guerreiro, María Torres and Marta Alonso/Alba Cotelo Costumes Beatriz Clara Lighting and Sound Design Dani Pais Music Gonçalo Guerreiro, Antonio  Romero, Rosalía Vázquez, Richi Casás, Iago Blanco, Kibitka, Juanma Ons and Manuel Ares Texts María Torres and Carlos Díz Anthropology Carlos Díz Props Anahí Taraburelli Graphic Design Alba Farto