A show produced by the Centro Dramático Galego

Urban speculation, the depredation of the natural environment and uprooting are some of the themes around which “A FIRST CLASS HOTEL ON THE RIVER” revolves.

The show unfolds in three acts the story of Ruth, our protagonist, who lives and works in a valley affected by an urban development project. The project is to build a luxury resort hotel with a recreational area.

The play narrates the pressure exerted on Ruth to give up her land, her home, her history and her roots evoking in a dreamlike and symbolic way the duality between reality and the fantasies of her imagination.

“A FIRST CLASS HOTEL ON THE RIVER” is the result of the combination of the original text with movement theatre, dance, music and visual arts. With a careful aesthetic composition and a rigorous investigation of gestures and images. The piece invites us to approach different ways of living in the countryside and to question the management of natural resources.

Production Centro Dramático Gallego Text Xohana Torres Direction and Dramaturgy Gonçalo Guerreiro and María Torres Cast Iván Davila, Raquel Espada, Sofía Espiñeira, Nicolás Otero, Merche Pérez, Pablo Sánchez and Lidia Veiga Complementary Texts María Torres Set Design Gonçalo Guerreiro Costumes and Artistic Production Carolina Díguele Musical Composition Manuel Fonte Loureiro Lighting Design Nacho Martín